At Death's Door

At one point in her life, Benedicta was either dead or nearly so. She found herself out of the body and with the Lord. In this dramatic video, hear her exciting testimony of what she saw and experienced when the Lord Jesus gave her a glimpse of heaven - and then a glimpse of hell.

We Believe in Women!

Benedicta loves to encourage women! The ladies in the body of Christ need to know that God has promised to pour out His Spirit upon both His sonsĀ and His daughters! Watch this dynamic video of Benedicta ministering to African ladies.

See Benedicta in Kenya

Benedicta recently ministered in Kapenguria, Kenya with her husband. To see a video containing brief clips of her ministry there, click on the picture above.

A Tale of Two Ladies

We can learn much from two very special women who wasted their all for God.